What are they wearing under the cloak?

My dad was working as a parish priest.  In Denmark that means wearing a somewhat silly cloak like this:

I remember him telling me that people often jokingly asked if they were wearing trousers under the cloak.

This weekend I was invited for a catholic wedding in Malacca Malaysia.  Some Australian guy marrying a local Malaysian girl (obviously from Malacca).  The church from the 18th century was actually quite nice and I managed to shoot this picture from my cam phone:

Now – let me try to zoom in a bit on this picture:

Well, trousers perhaps, but it would appear that catholic priests in Malaysia don’t really bother with shoes.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.  Personally I actually think this is very very cool, but I am willing to bet almost anything that the Aussie guy – as far as I know first time in Malaysia – did NOT expect to be married by a barefoot priest :)