Those Bozos Probably Can’t Read Anyway

Exciting announcement from Amazon.  They now ship their Kindle internationally as prominently displayed on their frontpage:


Now, I couldn’t help myself investigating what Amazon means by “Internationally”.  Let’s pick a poor small European country – Albania.


Ok – mildly surprised there, but even if piss poor, Albania still is a European country, let’s check a really tiny places:

Hell, I myself wouldn’t want to locate Wallis and Futuna on a map.  How about Africa?

South America then?

OK – need to up the ante a bit.  Surely a patriotic American company such as Amazon wouldn’t ship to communist countries – ahem – sorry – democratic republics that is:

I stand corrected.  Lao is in South-East Asia, let’s check other South-East Asian countries.  Cambodia?

No problem, Thailand?

No problem.  Philippines?

Also no problem.  Finally back to a communist country:

No problem. Now, what about Malaysia?

Still no go.  And for some bizarre reason:

Odd!  Why on earth would Amazon ship to places like Burma, Kiribati, Lao but not to Singapore and/or Malaysia?

Final note – OK – I wanted to prove a point here and I admit I did hand pick oddities a bit.  There were other countries to which Amazon refused to ship – Indonesia and most of the former Soviet republics for example.