Teasing Customers (or: Seriously Misguided Marketing)

I have mentioned before that Carlsberg seems to have been beaten at their own game here in Kuala Lumpur, and that it has become next to impossible to find Carlsberg in Changkat Bukit Bintang.  Sure there is a restaurant or two that still have Carlsberg and perhaps a nightclub too (I don’t really frequent noisy places these days), but every single bar on the street is strictly Tiger only.

That is why, when I saw these cuties last night, I was pretty damn convinced they were Heineken Promotion girls:

I was pretty surprised when I realised (not obviously from the pic) that these girls were in fact Carlsberg promotion girls (the signs they were carrying around said “Carlsberg” on them). WTF!!!  What is the bloody point of that when I am stuck with a dreadful Tiger with absolutely zero option for getting Carlsberg on tap?

The girls were trying hard to be cheerful, dancing around, but I actually felt pretty sad about the whole show sipping away on an awful Tiger.  What I mean is – what is the point of throwing money away on this kind of marketing, when it is next to impossible to buy their products in a regular pub (places I consider regular pubs on Changkat Bukit Bintang includes for example: Gypsy, Finnegans, Healy Mac, Green Man and Ceylon Bar)?

Carlsberg need to wake up and fight back.  I am sure this is all about pricing at the end of the day, but if that is the thing, then Carlsberg will need to lower their prices and get the bar owners back on their side!  WAKE UP CARLSBERG and show some bloody Viking spirit!