Quit Wasting my Time Facebook

As if Facebook wasn’t already a massive waste of time it would appear that they – with their new Facebook Home application for Android – want to reach new heights.

I have absolutely no doubt that I will dislike Facebook Home.  I like my Android phone just as it is and I have put in quite an effort to tweak the thing just as I like it.  Apparently Facebook Home is essentially a replacement Android Launcher where Facebook itself become the center of the phone GUI, with the ability to launch external applications too.  At launch it appeared that I wouldn’t have to worry if I liked Facebook Home or not since they only made it available for a select few Android phones (none of which I own).  Because of this very limited availability I was much surprised when the notice the following on Google play:

Facebook Home - Google Play

I currently have 5 different Android devices registered: A Samsung Galaxy S II, a Samsung Galaxy, a Barnes & Noble Nook Color and a couple of Chinese no-name tablets.  The device listed as compatible was no other than the oldest of the lot – the Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  I went on to click Install and it happily installed itself on my Nook.

The Nook is essentially an E-book reader but I also own a couple of Kindles and therefore these days the Nook is mostly used for playing games.  I therefor did not really have Facebook installed on it, so I went ahead and installed that too.  All in all quite a massive download and all that on a rather marginal Wifi connection – so it definitely took a while.  I went through logging into Facebook and finally I felt ready to launch Facebook Home.  This was the result:

Facebook Home - No Go

Let’s see that again:

Facebook Home - No Go - Cropped

Excuse me!  That is a bit like saying, “Thank you for spending time and energy (and possibly money) to check out our product, now piss off!”. If Facebook’s application is not able to run on my device, why in the name of all that is holy do you state that it is compatible in the first place.  

Facebook Home Compatible

You just wanted about half an hour of my life!

The rating is interesting:

Facebook Home Rating

It would appear that I am not the only one that is utterly disappointed by Facebook Home.  I think they need to rename it Facebook Away.