People Full of Shit – Some More Than Others

I just saw a claim on History Channel (Sliced):

3 years?  I am sorry but anybody who spend 3 years of their life sitting on a toilet is full of shit – it’s that simple.  Assuming an average life expectancy of 75 years that is very close to one hour a day – a full hour.  I personally doubt I spend more than 10 minutes myself and I am in fact full of shit – a fact most readers of this blog can testify to.

Later in the show they claim:

Well, that is definitely closer to the truth – except – I actually think that is quite low.  Assuming the before mentioned average person take a dump twice a day and a piss 4 times a day – and said person actually flush after both, what would come up to 164000 times.  In other words – contrary to their previous claim, this number is actually quite low.

Conclusion – well – History channel is entertainment – pure and simple – and they obviously do not spend a hell of a lot of time researching their claims.  Never trust a bloke who cut up a toilet with an angle grinder.