Not my proudest moment

Tiger (that’s a brewery) got a new promotion thingy going on in KL.  Apparently they hired some tall white girls and dressed them up in some German looking costumes  and then they send them around the bars and snap Polaroid (I kid you not – no digital stuff here!) photos of people posing with the girls.

Anyway – I had my picture done with – I think her name was Alina (or perhaps it was Alyona) and a bloke I just met at the bar.

All good and well so far.  I had a long chat with the girl – about he r dreams and plans in life.  Apparently she was engaged to be married with some Malay chat (and if you should happen to read this – all the best on that) and all in all it was a merry evening in my favorite watering hole.

That is – until I saw the picture the guy next to me got:

Now – someone aught to teach that girl to use the zoom on her damn camera.  That is not the most flattering picture of me.  I wasn’t picking my nose – it was only itchy – seriously!

It’ll be a while until I forgive Tiger for this one!