Just Can’t be Bothered (read: Make it Someone Else’s Problem)

From the Malaysian news:

The fun part is when the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister (that has got to be the most bizarre title in history – do they have a Brown Technology Minister too) say:

“Chin said it was not difficult for petroleum companies like Shell and Petronas to install charging stations into their existing branches around the country”

Hmmm, I guess he is somewhat correct, it wouln’t be difficult to do that.  There is however a few problems clearly illustrating that Chin hasn’t got a freaking clue about the things for which he is the Minister.  First of all – charging electrical cars isn’t really the core business for petroleum companies (the clue is in the bloody name).  Most important though is the fact charging isn’t exactly instant.  I am not sure how fast you can charge a car, but I reckon it’ll take 4-8 hours at least.  According to this link:

Some types of batteries such as Lithium-titanateLiFePO4 and even certain NiMH variants can be charged almost to their full capacity in 10–20 minutes. Fast charging requires very high currents often derived from a three-phase power supply.) .

I guess it’ll be just about impossible to buy petrol from those petrol stations, since there will be cars parked just about everywhere.