Idiotic idea!

From Planet F1:

“F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is considering creating artificial rain during races to spice up the sport.

With overtaking becoming increasingly difficult in dry conditions, more and more people are looking to the weather gods to intervene with a bit of rain. In 2010, most of the on-track excitement was caused by some heavy downpours.
Ecclestone has taken note of this and believes he has come up with a cunning plan.
“Overtaking is almost impossible because in the dry there is only one line good for maximum speed because of the rubber on the track,” he told the official Formula One website. “You have a completely different picture when it is wet. We always had the most exciting races in the wet so let’s think of making rain…

Amazing!  I got a much better idea.  Why not install explosive wheel nuts on all the cars – programmed to explode at random times.  It would have as much to do with car racing as artificial rain, but I am sure it would lead to some absolutely spectacular crashes.

There was also some talk that all the Tilke designed tracks were boring and too forgiving.  Take Singapore for example:

It is obvious to me that Tilke missed an absolutely AWESOME possibility here.  What they really need is to change turn 8 and turn 14 into either an intersection or a good old fashioned round-about.  Now THAT would lead to spectacular – well – ahem – show if not racing. In fact they could start by taking Top Gear up on their offer of using the Top Gear test track instead of Bahrain (a figure-8 track without an over or under pass). We need more intersections in F1.