How Stupid is This?

Before I get a bunch of complaints that I am always negative, let me begin by stating that I absolutely love my Kindle.  It is probably the single best electronic gadget I have bought, since I bought my HP-28c back in the 80’s.

One of the main reasons I think the Kindle is excellent is that it is good – and extremely good that is – at one thing and one thing alone.  Most gadget manufacturers today try to squeeze as much into one gadget as possible and they end up with some gadgets that have great WOW factor, but after the initial interest wears off, they all seem fairly useless really.  I bought a Nook Color about the same time I bought the Kindle, and while the Nook Color turned out to be a pretty descent Android tablet for reading books I hardly ever use it – I use my Kindle.

Anyway, back to topic.  Unfortunately it would appear that Amazon is catching up on throwing useless features into their devices to make them more impressive – or are they?

Notice the title of this product – “Kindle Edition”.  The only problem is – it doesn’t bloody work on a Kindle (due to the e-ink slow screen updates, they will never be able to display video).  What is worse – it doesn’t work on the PC version of the Kindle Reader, nor does it work in their Android version.  In fact – if you look closely at the box in the lower left corner, you will see this only work on Apple devices.

To me this is absolutely insane on Amazon’s part.  It is like saying: “Well, we’ll sell you a Kindle, but we know it’s crap so why don’t you buy an iPhone or an iPad instead”?