E-book Readers (Kindle 3 vs. Nook Color)


I have always read a lot of books, and I have always maintained that I prefer good old fashioned paper books.  That is – until about 4 month back when, after listening to some of my friends praising the Kindle, I finally decided to get one.  And well, to make a long story short, I am a complete convert.  I doubt I will ever buy a paper book again.  With a proper e-book reader it is just so much more convenient to carry around.  I work in IT and spend a horrible amount of time in front of a LCD screen, so when I first decided to buy an e-book reader there was very little doubt that it had to be one with e-ink display (no back-lit).  Also I was fairly convinced about a few other important parameters:

1. Light weight
2. Reasonable battery life
3. Build quality (I am fairly rough on my gadgets)

All this, at the time made it an easy choice to pick up a Kindle (3rd generation – not the DX – that was too big).

At the time I ordered the Kindle 3, I was aware of the availability of the Nook Color, but at the time that one really didn’t have a chance.  As an e-book reader I didn’t like the fact that it had an LCD screen and well – the books I read are black text on white paper, so the colours weren’t really a selling point too.  I am however a bit of a gadget freak too and for a while I have been shopping around for an android tablet of some sorts.  I had pretty much ruled out all the cheap Android devices out of China for their cheap built-quality, rubbish screen resolution and resistive touch screens.  I was pretty keen on a Samsung Galaxy Tab, BUT price wise that was quite simply unacceptable.  I reckon a 7 inch tablet of a reasonable quality should cost around USD 300 give or take and that was what I was willing to pay.  So I more or less decided to wait until I found a device with the Galaxy specs around USD 300.

The Kindle (3rd Generation – or Kindle 3)

Let me start this by making it absolutely clear – I absolutely love my Kindle.  Somewhere else I wrote about my old HP calculator, and I feel a bit about the Kindle like I feel about that calculator.  It is a device that is designed to do one thing alone and do that better than anything else.  The problem with many gadgets today is that they try to do a bit of everything and end up doing it all rather poorly.  Take mobile phones for example.  I used to own one of these:

and one of these:

And both were absolutely brilliant at what they were supposed to do (being a highly portable mobile phone).  Every single phone I have owned since have been utter rubbish at that.  Sure they had fancy screens, built-in browsers, was able to play music, movies, built-in chat and all sorts of fancy stuff.  But they were also heavy, had rubbish battery life and well – none were as good as being phones as these two examples.

I am babbling now but this is really the reason why I adore the Kindle.  It is absolutely rubbish at browsing (although it can show you an article from wikipedia), it is absolutely rubbish at showing PDF files, but books – that it can do.