Dangerous Food Storage

I was just about to buy some Salmon from Giant (in Sungai Wang), when I noticed that it felt kind of – well – let me just say “not cold”.  That made me check the temperature of the cooler:


In fact it was 9 degrees when I first saw it, but even 8 is at least 6 degrees too warm.  What makes this even more worrying is that this picture was taken a few hours ago – on Apr. 10.  As is obvious from the above image, no staff have actually bothered to check the temperature since the 6th.  I would say if that salmon have been stored at a temperature 6 degrees too high for 4 days, it would be downright dangerous to eat it.

So – big fat warning – if you actually buy food in Giant, make sure to check the temperature before you buy.

I have provided a link to this post to Giant through their web-site.  If they bother to make any explanations I will post it here as an update.