Barnes & Noble Profit Drops

Just saw this article on BBC:

It describes how Barnes & Noble’s profit for the 3 month until end of January 2011 has dropped 25 % compared to previous year.

How on earth can that be a surprise to them?  As I have described in detail here, they have absolutely zero respect for their customers and their so-called support is a joke – nothing less.  They are absolutely clueless.

As described in blog entry I actually wrote an email to Barnes & Noble’s director of investor relations Mr. Milevoj, and in that email I described the problems Barnes & Noble’s customer’s are facing – in great detail.  Well, I never heard back from Mr. Milevoj, but if ever the shit hits the fan so to speak, at least he can’t claim that he has been unaware of just how bad things are.

As for me, I have been pissed on so badly that I will never ever spend another cent at their on-line store.  They actually managed to ship a Nook Color to me at the end, and I tell you what – the very first thing I did was to root it and the second thing I did was to install Amazon’s Kindle application on it.