And They Wonder Why?

I came across this article in today’s newspaper:


This came as absolutely no surprise to me.  I am European and I am definitely overweight myself.  When I came to Malaysia first time in the late 90’s I was stunned by the beautiful woman here, but I have noticed that it has gone downhill very quick since then.  A few month back I was spending a few nights at a resort in Port Dickson, and it struck me during breakfast – I reckon there was about 100 people at the breakfast and I reckon about half of these were woman.  With the exception of one girl (around 7-8 years old) every single woman at that breakfast buffet was overweight and I guess about half of them severely obese (including all of the kids with the before mentioned exception).

I shot the photo of the article above in today’s newspaper.  Now, let me zoom out a bit:


And there you have it.  I am overweight because I don’t exercise enough and happen to love good food.  Malaysians are obese because they have taken up American junk food like I have never seen anywhere else.  Kuala Lumpur, and everywhere else in Malaysia, is packed with McDonald, KFC, Pizza Hut and a bunch of local rip offs that definitely does not improve the situation (in fact as written elsewhere, one of these, the Secret Recipe, is downright dangerous).

It is scary and it has over the past 10 years turned Malaysia fat!  Oh – and for the record – Malaysians usually get really defensive when criticized, but before you go ballistic on me do yourself a favor   Next time you walk on the street pay attention to kids.  Count the first 10 kids you see and let me know right here how many of those were overweight.